Past seminars

— Management seminar by Bjarte Bogsnes in Tallinn on 15.04.2016. Bjarte Bogsnes is Statoil’s Vice President Performance Management Development and Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT). Read more from here

— Management seminars in Tallinn on 24.03.2015 and 19.02.2015: „Four best practice cases in financial and performance management” (beyond budgeting). Presented by Ahlsell’s (Sweden) CFO Gunnar Haglund, Coloplast’s (Denmark) CFO Mira Gvozdenovic, SpareBank 1 Gruppen’s (Norway) CFO Sigurd Aune and Pekka Vasankari from Handelsbanken (Sweden). Read more from here

— Management seminar in Tallinn on 11.12.2014: „Budgeting and performance management in Swedbank“ . Presented by Swedbank’s CFO Heiki Raadik and Meelis Noorväli, the supervisor of the Finance department. Read more from here

John Lewis Partnership‘s seminar on 28.05.2014: “Involved and happy employees as the cause of business success and source of competitive advantage at the example of John Lewis Partnership“. In nearly a century, the UK’s leading retail company John Lewis Partnership, has created a unique organisational and management culture, which one can’t find in Estonia and which is as rare elsewhere in the world. It is an excellent example of a company, which has successfully combined doing business with holding to ideals. Clients, too, have noticed it: the company’s both retail chains, John Lewis and Waitrose, have repeatedly been voted to be the best retail businesses in the UK.
Jane Burgess, a board member of John Lewis Partnership, is holding a seminar in Tallinn and speaking about the company’s unique democratic organisational culture, management principles, involving partners and history. Read more from here

Mondragon‘s seminar on 30.04.2014: “An incredible success story from Spain: 120 successful start-ups out of 125“. Employing over 80,000 people, Mondragon is the largest company in Basque Country and one of the largest employee-owned companies in the world. Over 120 employee-owned cooperatives have been successfully established within last 50 years, and only 5 have failed. If it is usually considered that only 1 successful start-up out of 10 is normal, then how can it be, that in the case of Mondragon the success rate is more than 9 out 10? What is the secret behind Mondragon’s success? Mikel Lezamiz, who has been with the company for over 30 years, tells the story. Read more from here

Olari Karlson‘s seminar in Tallinn on 08.04.2014: „The beyond budgeting model according to experiences of Estonian companies“. Olari Karlson is CEO of Eesti Teed. Read more from here

Seminar by Bjarte Bogsnes (Norway) on innovative management processes in Tallinn on 25.03.2014. Bjarte Bogsnes is Statoil’s Vice President Performance Management Development and Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable Europe. Read more from here

Management seminar: David Erdal (UK)
„Participative management and (partly) employee owned companies“
David Erdal is an international expert who has been advising companies on participative management, employee buyouts and employee ownership for over 30 years. He is the author of a recent book „Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working“.
Venue: Tallinn, Oru Hotel

Management seminar: Paul Green jr, The Morning Star Company
„Management innovation: a self-management model at the example of a success story of The Morning Star Company (USA)“
– The Morning Star Company was awarded the „Management Innovator of the Year“ prize by Harvard Business Review & McKinsey in 2012;
– The company is the leader of its line of business in the world, although applies a very unique management model of self-management.
Venue: Tallinn, Sokos Hotel Viru conference center

Meetings & discussion nights for Financial Managers (on budgeting and performance management) in 2010 and 2011.

Management seminar: Bjarte Bogsnes, Statoil (Norway)
„Implementing Beyond Budgeting“
Venue: Tallinn, Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia conference center